Health-safety protocols

Since March, 2020, our desire has been to “Do No Harm,” which was John Wesley’s first rule. Therefore, we closed our building and moved worship to online.  Now that we are relaunching, we still want to “do no harm” by following these health-safety protocols:

1.  Wear a mask

Our bishop has declared, “Mask wearing is mandatory.”  Please make sure that the mask covers your nose and mouth.  Physicians have worn masks for decades and have said that keeping a mask on while changing rooms eventually reduces the dreaded fogging of eyeglasses, which have to acclimate themselves to each environment.  If you forget and/or need a mask when you enter the sanctuary building, please pick up a free one in the narthex. Also, please wear a mask throughout the service and throughout our campus.

2.  Practice social distancing

When we gather in person, we might want to hug others, especially because we have not been together physically for thirteen months. But for health-safety reasons, two people need to maintain at least six feet between them.  That way, they can “love one another, six feet apart.” We can raise our hands and give “air hugs,” or we can offer our elbows to one another as a shake.

3.  Enter via Park Street and exit via the Education Building

When you arrive on campus, please enter via the front of the building on Park Street.  Walk up the stairs or use the elevator.  At the conclusion of the service, please exit the sanctuary by the double doors on either side of the choir loft or by the elevator.  The reason for these instructions is that we do not want people to closely encounter the faces/breath of people walking the other way.  Also, the narthex has sanitizer and fresh masks.

4. Sit in every-other pew

You will find that some pews have been masked to indicate where to sit.  Members of the same household may sit together.

5.  Avail yourself of the offering plates at the doors and watch the screens

In order that we do not pass germs on surfaces, the offering plates and registration pads will not be passed. Neither will we use hymnals or bulletins.